Book Cover Design for Fiction, Non Fiction and Reference Titles

‘You don’t judge a book by its cover’ – unfortunately that’s not always true. The book industry is a crowded marketplace and competition is fierce. Your book cover design needs to catch the eye of those potential readers, which is why you should hire a professional book cover designer.

About my book cover design service

I love designing book covers, it’s the most favourite part of my job. I work across a range of genres and subjects – including classic fiction, contemporary fiction, science fiction, crime, biographies, cookery and poetry.

I have written a couple of case studies, explaining how I designed the covers for Grammer Rules and The Legend of Conan.

Book cover design to The Reflection designed by book cover designer Roland Codd. The book cover features a siloutte of a man in a fifties style suit, with a red figure standing behind him, against the backdrop of a New York skyline. The title appears as though it has been shattered.Book cover design to Suffragette: My Own Story designed by book cover designer Roland Codd. The cover features a black and white image of Emmeline Pankhurst with the title and author names in the different font styles, mimicking the style of old placards. The type uses the purple, green and white colours of the Suffragette flag.Book cover design to Beadle's Wild West Tales designed by book cover designer Roland Codd. The cover features a old style illustration of a cowboy on a horse being pursued by another rider. The style of the cover and the type are in a retro style, based on old pulp magazine covers.Book cover design to The Bonjour Effect designed by book cover designer Roland Codd. The book cover shows a flat, simple drawn figure of a caricature French man holding a glass of white, with the title and sub title appearing in speach bubbles above him.Book cover design to The Mad Toy. The title is in large, white sans serif type against an aged and worn, gree painted wooden door.Book cover design for the Reanimator designed by book cover designer Roland Codd. The front cover features a close up of a decaying hand reaching towards the title. The 't' in the title is shaped like a syringe.

What my book cover design service provides

When I take on a new job, I work closely with the client to ensure that the cover design is suitable for their chosen market.

My book cover design service includes:

  • Picture research and art working
  • A round of design options, based upon the initial brief – with at least three options
  • Two rounds of minor revisions – based upon a chosen option from the initial designs
  • Design of back cover, spine and flaps if required
  • Final book cover supplied as a print-ready PDF
  • JPEG of the front cover
  • JPEG of a mocked-up 3D version for online marketing and promotion purposes, if required
  • GIF/JPEG web banners for online advertising, if required

Additional service: typesetting

If you require any typesetting along with your cover – I can also help. I can typeset simple fiction/non-fiction titles, to more complicated layouts with images and illustrations.

The next step?

Please contact me, with some details about your book cover requirements, and I can provide you with a free estimate. If you already have a set budget, that’s okay. I can usually offer a solution that can work within it.

I look forward to hearing from you!