The Legend of Conan: Book Cover Design Case Study

Some examples of the design process in how I went about tackling the design brief for the front cover to The Legend of Conan story collection for Hesperus Press. Including some alternative options alongside the final design.

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Graphic Design in Canterbury

Graphic design in Canterbury has certainly picked up this year, freelance design-wise. I’ve been kept busy recently designing various magazines, flyers, posters, programmes and reports for Canterbury Christ Church University. I’m also currently finalising the last stages for the design for Hidden History: Philanthropy At The University of Kent, a 96 page illustrated history of philanthropy in Canterbury and at the University of Kent.

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New Design Studio

Work on my newly rebuilt and refurbished design studio is complete and I’ve moved back in. Finally I have properly insulated walls and enough natural lighting. And a 100 inch home cinema.

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The Best Book Cover Design in the World!

Well, maybe not quite the best book cover design in the world. It’s almost as if I’m attempting to drum ups some SEO results by optimising the words ‘best book cover design in the world’! Anyway, the last couple of months have been busy on the book cover design front and they have been some of the best titles that I have worked on!

The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window

First up is the book cover design for a new edition, to coincide with the recent film adaptation, of The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared. I can’t take too much credit for the design as the supplied art work was based on the film poster for the UK cinema release. The design of the film poster had already solved the issue of making such a long title work in the space. It was mainly a case of making the author’s name bigger and moving some things around to fit the book format. I designed the book spine and back cover based on the film art work. The back cover needed to work with the supplied text, quotes and film/publisher logos. It was a bit of a squeeze.

Other Book Cover Designs

In addition, I’ve worked on the design of a new book cover for the reprint edition of the The Best Book In The World. I’ve also designed covers for Why Did You Leave The Horse Alone? (a collection of poetry by Mahmoud Darwish),  The Castle of Otranto (Horace Walpole) and Desperate Games (Pierre Boulle). I have also designed book covers for upcoming new editions from Hesperus Press of The Professor (Charlotte Brontë), The Chimes (Charles Dickens), His Family (Ernest Poole), Vera (Elizabeth von Armim), The Legend of Conan (Robert E. Howard) and The Wrong Box by (Robert Louis Stevenson). I shall be adding these to the portfolio section as they are published. It’s been a good variety of different titles and genres to work on, from classic fiction to gothic fantasy, dystopian science fiction and international bestsellers and poetry collections.

If you require a book cover design, whether you are a publisher or a self-published author, and are interested in my book cover design service please feel free to contact me with details of your project and budget or to request a a free estimate.

Website redesign

My latest website redesign is now live! Hopefully if you’re reading this then everything is working correctly. I had the structure and the content in place from my last website redesign so this time around the changes are mainly cosmetic – new fonts, colour scheme, revamped homepage and starting with a three column responsive layout.

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Do you need a new website design?

Do you need a new website design to kick off the new year? Is your old website looking tired and out-of-date and in need of a revamp? I am a freelance website and graphic designer based in Canterbury, Kent. I work with clients both local and remotely, from individuals to small companies and large organisations. Whether you are a Yoga instructor or a coach company I can provide a website design as straighforward as one-page site or a multiple-page site with a Content Management System.

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Looking for a local Canterbury graphic designer?

Are you looking for a local Canterbury graphic designer? I am a freelance graphic designer based in Canterbury. I work for a range of clients – from individuals to small companies and large organisations. Most recently I undertook some freelance design work for the University of Kent, where I designed a brochure and a flyer to help promote the launch of the new Kent Sport facilities.

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