25th Anniversary of the Twin Peaks Pilot in the UK

It was twenty-five years ago today that the Twin Peaks pilot episode first screened on BBC2 in the UK. Earlier this year, on 8 April, it was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Twin Peaks pilot episode’s first airing in the United States. The celebration was somewhat dampened by the then negotiations/fall out between David Lynch and Showtime as to whether Lynch would be returning to direct the new series. Thankfully that’s all resolved now and with shooting having started on location in Snoqualmie back at the start of September there’s a lot more cause for celebration this time around.

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Art College Reunion v2.0

Despite nearing (or at) middle age there’s still no beating the joy of sneaking up behind a friend while he fumbles with the controls and shooting them in the back of the head during a four-player deathmatch in Goldeneye.

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Business Cards. Finally.

After nearly ten years of freelancing I finally got around to getting some ‘proper’ business cards printed. I’ve had attempts at business cards before but I’m my own worse client when it comes to making a decision about what I like.

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Save Twin Peaks!

Yesterday (8/4/2015) a dozen cast members of Twin Peaks rallied to save Twin Peaks and show support for David Lynch. This followed the announcement at the weekend by David Lynch that he had pulled out of directing the new series due to budgetary concerns. The cast, which included Sherilyn Fenn, Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, Mädchen Amick, Peggy Lipton, James Marshall, Kimmy Robertson, Gary Hershberger, Catherine E. Coulson, Wendy Robie, Al Strobel (the One-Armed-Man!), Grace Zabriskie and Charlotte Stewart, along with Lynch’s daughter Jennifer, uploaded a montage video on their newly created Facebook page, the Official Twin Peaks Cast Run Site, and launched the #SaveTwinPeaks hashtag.

It’s pretty cool seeing such a display of solidarity and also seeing those familiar faces again. Let’s hope that Lynch and Showtime get back to the negotiating table and come to an agreement soon so we get to see them all back on screen!

Happy 25th Anniversary Twin Peaks!

Happy twenty-fifth anniversary Twin Peaks! It’s been twenty-five years since the pilot episode was first screen in the US. The UK still has a few months to go – 23 October 2015 is, I think, twenty-five years since the pilot episode originally aired on BBC2. Maybe it’s a good excuse to celebrate twice?

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