Top Five Great Independent Films (for the winter months)

As January continues to drag on (and February will probably be just as dull) here are my favorite top five great independent films to help get you through the winter blues.

1. Ink (2009)

It’s hard to say too much about Ink without spoiling it. It’s an urban fantasy about two opposing forces battling for the soul of a father and his daughter. Think ‘Neil Gaiman-esque’. It probably won’t be to everyone’s taste due to it’s arty nature and slow beginning but if you like films along the lines of Donnie Darko then this is worth a look.

2. Skeletons (2010)

As in ‘everyone has skeletons in hiding in their closet’. Skeletons, a low budget British film, follows the adventures of two specialists whose job is to exorcise these sketletons. Not a horror film as the title might suggest, more like Inception directed by Ken Loach (and I’m pretty sure that’s a quote I’ve swiped from somewhere). But not as bleak.

3. Dinner Rush (2000)

Dinner Rush is an ensemble film set in a fashionable New York Italian restaurant. Full of great character actors and interesting interconnecting storylines. There’s something for everyone – comedy, mafia, hitmen, food, romance and a great soundtrack.

4. Late Night Shopping (2001)

Late Night Shopping is a British indie-comedy. It’s about four people (reluctant to actually admit that they are friends) who work different night shifts and regular meet up at the same all-night cafe.

5. The Station Agent (2003)

The Station Agent stars a pre-Game of Thrones fame Peter Dinklage. Dinklage plays train enthusiast Fin, who inherits a run-down train station in New Jersey from his former employer and only friend. Fin looks forward to a life of solitude but finds himself reluctantly caught up in the lives of over-friendly hot-dog seller Joe and despression-suffering artist Olivia. Not really much happens but it’s a surprising feel-good character driven indie comedy.