Freelance Graphic Design Service

I provide a freelance graphic design service to suit most budgets. I work with both companies and individuals. My clients include Penguin, HarperCollins Publishers, Hesperus Press, University of Kent, Springer Health Care and Hotel Chocolat.

Web Site Design

The web site for Davian coaches, shown on the screen of an iMac, iPad and iPhone.

I can design and code small one-page static sites to larger dynamic sites with a built in content management system using WordPress. I offer clean coded responsive sites created from scratch, tailored to a client’s particular requirements.

Book Cover Design

Venus in the Cloister book cover design by Roland Codd. Published by Hesperus Press. Full cover (including the front, back, spine and flaps). The front cover features a closeup the lower half of a nun's face as she kisses a cruicix against her lips. The book cover features a quote from the book – 'Oh God! Sister Angelique, do not come into my room; I am not decent right now. Do you think anyone should be caught in my state? I really did think I had closed the door...'.

Designing a book cover is my most favourite part of my job. It’s all about making that first impression. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but that just isn’t the case. A badly designed cover can eaily sink a good book in a crowded marketplace, which is why you should consider hiring a professional book cover designer. I always offer a number of approaches to the brief and work closely with the client/author to ensure that the book cover design is suitable for their market. I also provide picture research, art working and print-ready pdfs as part of my service.

Print Design – Books, Magazines, Brochures and Marketing Materials

Chocolate Unwrapped book design for Hotel Chocolat. This is a sample of a spread from inside the book. This spread is about the medicincal qualities of chocolate. The left hand page features a vintage pencil sketch of a woman in bed with a cup of hot chocolate.

I am an experienced layout designer, having worked in publishing for a number of years. I have worked across a range of subjects including, cookery, travel, history, sports, music and film. My freelance graphic design service includes the design of book layouts, magazines, brochures and annual reports. I also design marketing and promotional materials including posters, flyers and catalogues.

Other Freelance Graphic Design Services


I provide a typesetting service with competive rates. I can typeset simple fiction/non-fiction titles to more complicated layouts with intergrated illustrations, charts and tables.

Epub Conversion and checking

I can offer Epub conversion and a checking service to ensure your publication is ready.

Art Direction

I am an experienced art director. I have organised and worked on photo shoots in studio environments and on location.