So long Epson RX620 and good riddance

Thanks for all the good memories Epson RX620. I’m not sure which is my particular favourite. Perhaps it was the time your all-in-one multi purpose scanner stopped working? Just two months after your warranty expired. The random paper jams? Your inability to print black and white if one (non required) colour ink was running low? Or that time I needed to update my portfolio. You actually seemed capable of producing perfect quality prints that day. Only why did you decide to smear black ink over every single image at the last second? Why? How we laughed at that last one.

I can’t quite express my full disdain for the Epson RX620. Yet somehow I have put up with the cumbersome bastard for the past ten years. I’m also ashamed to admit that the RX620 is also the third Epson printer I have owned. I guess that I am a sucker for punishment.

Over the last few years I’ve required physical print outs (especially colour) less. Owning a scanner has become more or less obsolete. I can’t remember the last time I needed to scan a physical transparency. Digital photography and using online picture libraries have taken care of this. If I need a copy of a document or photo I can generally get away with using the camera on my iPad.

All this time the Epson RX620 has sat on the top of my shelves in the studio. Taunting me. The final straw in our relationship came when I installed a fresh set of colour cartridges. The RX620 decided it was ‘incompatible’ with them. It had had no problem being ‘compatible’ with the previous set of exactly the same cartridges. It was then that I knew that one of use had to go.

So now I have a shiny (well, matt finished) new Brother HL-L2340DW mono laser printer. It didn’t seem practical to buy another colour printer. I was quite surprised though when I set it and sent something to print (via wifi) and… it printed. Just like that. No drama, no unpredictability, just a normal clean, clear print. It’s going to take a while to get used to that type of ease of use.

So… on the work front. I’ve just completed the full over design to Arcadian Nights for Duckwork Publishers. I’ve been working of a couple of cover designs for Hesperus Press. A new cover for the reprint of Emmeline Pankhurst’s Suffragette: My Own Life Story. I’ve also finally finished off the full cover design for Ben-Hur. I first worked on the front cover back in 2015. I’m currently working on the layout design of the Autumn 2016 issue of Arts & Culture (for CCCU).

On the entertainment front I’ve been watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I binge-watched all eight episodes over a weekend. I grew up in the 80s myself so I loved the show’s setting and the its many references to that era. Especially the Dungeon and Dragons roleplaying and use of Star Wars toys. I enjoyed spotting the many film references (ET, Goonies, Nightmare On Elm Street etc.). Liked laughing (and cringing) at the bad 80s fashion and haircuts. The John Carpenter style synth soundtrack was great. I also liked the choice of Stephen King book font for the logo.

It’s also a pretty good story that manages to deliver a satisfying conclusion. I always a worry if something is going to be as good as its trailer. In the case of Stranger Things it manages to surpass it. The ending is satisfying as well but also leaves the possibility of future seasons. It’s been one of the few gems of the blood bath that 2016 has turned out to be (at the time of writing: R.I.P Postman Pat,).