Canterbury Christ Church University Annual Report Design

Client Canterbury Christ Church University

Format 250 x 185 mm, 56 pages, softback

Skills InDesign, Photoshop

The 2015/16 annual report for Canterbury Christ Church University provides an overview of the events from their academic year. Divided into different sections, it covers community, student experience, future investments, partnerships, research and people. The final part of the document contains information about honorary doctorates and fellows; governors and officers; the year’s accounts; and student and staff statistics at the university.

CCCU annual report inside layout. This is a double page layout from the Investing in the Future section from the report.

CCCU annual report inside layout. This is the opener to the Research with Impact section.

The brief: CCCU Annual Report

The marketing and communications department usually design the annual report in-house. Due to a tight delivery date, they asked me to work on their 2016 report. They provided me with copies of the previous reports, which I used as a guide for design.

The design: CCCU Annual Report

The design of the report is quite straight forward – each page consists of one article, with text and an accompanying image. There is an occasional two-page article and one three-page article. The design is clean and simple, making use of white space where necessary. To stop each page looking too similar, I varied the shapes and positioning of the images, along with the headings and introductions, throughout. Each of the different sections in the report were colour coded. I repeated elements of that colour on headings, introduction text, quote boxes and behind the images – to help break up each article.

The cover of the report, designed in-house, used a combination of elements taken my initial design options. One of these ideas used tinted colour images. The other made use of an archway for the picture boxes – taken from the shape of the prison cells in the old Canterbury Prison building, which CCCU had purchased for development into a new campus site. The large numbers, used for the years, were to be die-cuts on the final printed cover.