Website redesign

My latest website redesign is now live! Hopefully if you’re reading this then everything is working correctly. I had the structure and the content in place from my last website redesign so this time around the changes are more cosmetic. I’ve ditched the vertical menu that was on the previous desktop version of the site to allow me to increase the width of the my main content. I always felt that the text of my posts were a bit cramped in the previous site. I’ve also gone for a three column layout this time around, which again makes my text and images less cramped, particulary on a desktop or horizontal tablet screen.

I really liked the Bebas font that I previously used for my main headings but I was finding the lack of a lowercase version quite restricting. I also found it quite hard to match a suitable font to it for my body copy that I was happy with. So I’ve changed the font to something similar, News Gothic, which I purchased as a web font version from MyFonts. News Gothic has a broader range of weights and lowercase letters, which gives me a lot more flexibility.

I’ve never been particulary happy with the home page of my site. Hopefully now I think I’ve finally got somewhere with it. I started with the ’10 words or less Hollywood pitch’. I think ‘Professional book cover, print and web design at competitive rates’ says exactly what I do in straightforward, no nonsense way. Under my opening statement I’ve included a brief introductory paragraph about myself and then three small paragraphs that give an overview about each of the design services that I offer. These links now take you a page offering more details about either book cover design, print design or web design. As my site and portfolio has grown over the last couple of years it now makes more sense for each of my services to have their own page. Under that I have examples of six of my recent projects with links to each of them.

I streamlined the sidebar across my site so that it is consistent on each page. This now features a brief introduction about myself, with a link to find out more details, links to my social networks, my newsletter sign-up, links to my latest work and links to the design services that I offer.

At the moment the background to my website is a an off-white textured/distressed background. I’m not sure about it yet. I’m not sure if it adds anything to the content. It might change. If you’re reading this and the background is completely plain then you’ll know I changed my mind.

So now for the shameless self promotion – if you’d like a new website, or a revamp of your existing site, please contact me to discuss your requirements. I offer bespoke designed responsive websites for individuals and small to medium companies. Whether it is a simple one-page site, or a mulit-page site with a blog, newsletter function and advice on SEO, I can help. I also provide a professional book cover design service and print design service across a range of materials.